Snellen Eye Charts - Visual Acuity Charts for measuring your own Myopia

I am following the EndMyopia method for my daughter's eyesight, where I measure her eyesight daily (okay, almost daily) to track her journey. For that purpose, I had downloaded a snellen chart from EndMyopia wiki and printed it out and pasted on a wall from where I have space to stand 3m far straight from the chart and where there is ample natural light.

After a few months of measuring by that chart, I realized that my daughter had learnt all the alphabets on it and because of that she is able to ignore the challenging blur in the difficult-to-see lines and conequently, is able to tell correctly (from memory rather than seeing). She was kind of over-correcting herself unconsciously. So I wanted to change the snellen eye chart to get the new letters/alphabets but on internet, I could find none that suited my need. Most of them were copy-pasted from here and there and so same letters were repeated or else the 20/30 line would be missing (which is very critical to get accurate progress). And so I had to put up with the old chart and remind my daughter again and again to 'see' and not assume. (which did not work very well, obviously).

Then luckily one day, I found git repository of Snellen chart on github which was using standarized formulas to generate random Snellen eye charts. It was very flexible and dynamic. I gave the script whatever options I wanted and got the printout accordingly! How cool is that! I love you universe and coders, of course :D . A big thanks to Manu Mannattil for making this super duper useful Snellen chart generator.

Download 3m Snellen Eye Charts

10 printable Snellen Eye Charts of 3m distance are available on this link - Snellen 3m eye chart pdf which I generated using the above script on github. The charts should be printed on A4 size paper (print setting - 'Actual size' , not 'fit to page'). To check that you have got the correct letter size in your printout, measure the first /biggest letter - it should be 4.4 cm in length for a 3m chart. If its not, adjust the scale (%) accordingly in the page settings - for eg. make scale 104% or so if the letter size you got was 4.2 cm)

I hope your search for printable Snellen eye charts, ends here.