Mahatma Gandhi Health Book - Key To Health

This page presents the articles from the Mahatma Gandhi's book titled 'Key to Heath'. Gandhi wrote these articles when he was jailed in the Agakhan Palace at Poona (1942-44). These articles were written in Gujarati and later translated in English.

'Key to Health' is based on Mahatma Gandhi personal experiences with different health concepts. Core focus of the book is the idea of maintaining good health using commonly available elements of Earth, water, sun, air etc and is very practical in its approach. It is written in simple english and easy to read.

Mahatma Gandhi Key to Health - Part 1

  • Human body
  • Air
  • Water
  • [Food]
  • [Condiment]
  • [Tea, Coffee & Cocoa]
  • [Intoxicants]
  • [Opium]
  • [Tobacco]
  • [Brahmacharya]

Mahatma Gandhi Key to Health - Part 2