Louis Kuhne Hydrotherapy

Louis Kuhne is an influential naturopath famous of his hip baths and water hydrotherapy. He was a German resident having lived from 14 March 1835 to 4 April 1901.

Louis Kunhe Hydrotherapy

Lous Kuhne was a strong believer that most of diseases are caused by accmulated toxins in the body and gave his theory of 'unity of disease'. Under unity of diseases, he states that origin of all diseases is a lifelong accumulation of waste water and toxins in the body and these can be either inherited or acquired.

His main techniques are hip bath and friction sitz bath. His core ideas consists of patient sitting in a tub filled with somewhat cold water and rubbing lower abdomen, hips or genitals with a cloth. As per him, this helps in removing accumulated toxins in the system.

He created an establishment in Leipzig, Germany in 1883, where he cured thousands of various illnesses and diseases. His main health related ideas are described in detail in the book - 'The New Science of Healing' published in 1899'.

Mahatma Gandhi on Louis Kuhne

"Hydrotherapy is a well-known and ancient form of therapy. Many books have been written on the subject, but in my opinion the form of hydrotherapy suggested by Kuhne is simple and effective. Kuhne’s book on nature cur eis very popular in India. Andhra has the greatest number of Kuhne’s followers. He has written a good deal about diet as well, but here I wish to confine myself to his experiments in hydrotherapy." - Mahatma Gandhi, in book 'Key to Health'

"The rationale of the hip bath according to Kuhne is this. What ever the apparent cause of fever, the real cause in every case is one and the same, i.e. accumulation of waste matter in the intestines. The heat generated by the putrefaction of this waste matter is manifested in the form of fever and several other ailments." - Mahatma Gandhi, in book 'Key to Health'

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